Online Stores Do’s And Don’ts

March 15, 2021

Are you worried about making mistakes with your online store? It can feel like there’s a lot to remember to the point that it’s overwhelming. At the same time, you’re also trying to avoid any pitfalls that have sunk other e-commerce platforms.


It doesn’t matter if you’re building your first online store or an e-commerce expert, there are some certain golden rules that can increase your chances of owning a successful site. You’ll want to make sure you have these do’s and don’ts memorised once you go live.


DO Send Abandonment Emails

On average, two-thirds of shoppers will leave an online store before they finalize a payment. Website teams overanalyse cart abandonment to make tweaks and changes in an attempt to reduce this number.


But the only piece of information you need from your customer is their email address. Often sending them a reminder to their inbox to finish what they started is enough to close the deal with them.


DON’T Forget About SEO

One of the most common places people start their buying process is on a search engine. They’ll type into Google the product they’re searching for and peruse through the top results.


If your store’s SEO is low because you’re new to the game, then it’s unlikely your products will get in front of these buyers. So make sure you know everything there is to know about how to get to the top of the search results.


DO Optimise for Mobile

You can have the best-looking website on the net, but if it doesn’t function on a mobile, then you’re going to lose out on sales. More people are choosing to purchase items using their phones, and there is no sign of this trend declining.


Optimising for smartphones also allows you to save shipping and payment information. This means that your customers won’t need to take as many steps next time they purchase something from you.


DON’T Clutter Your Checkout

This one should be simple, yet many stores still can’t seem to get it right, leading to more and more customers dropping off. Keep your checkout process simple because the fewer steps they have to take, the more likely they will purchase your products.


The best practice is to have one single checkout page and don’t ask for their life story. All you should need is their name, email address, shipping location, and payment information.


DO Partner With the Right Company

While you can try to navigate through the world of e-commerce on your own, sometimes it’s better to get some advice from experts who are aware of all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to online stores. They can help streamline your operations and reduce the number of customers leaving before they purchase something.


If you want help getting your online store off to the right start, then we can help. We not only provide consulting services for e-commerce platforms, we also offer software that makes running your site simple and easy no matter what applications you already use. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all of the do’s and don’ts that come with running an online store.

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