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We help law firms effortlessly generate more leads with cutting-edge SEO techniques.

SEO is a three-letter acronym that your law firm is going to love! SEO is short for search engine optimisation. It’s a powerful strategy that your practice can use to organically find new customers online while retaining current ones longer.

You can count on Hyro to make ongoing adjustments to your website while enticing other websites to link back to yours. These efforts, combined with tried-and-true strategies, result in massive success that cannot be replicated by every legal marketing agency.

Our SEO Services for Law Firms

Your website is more than a business card. Hyro’s SEO for Law Firm Websites takes a comprehensive approach to maximise your investment. It’s possible to achieve smashing results from a solid SEO strategy that outranks competitors and positions your firm as the go-to authority when a legal problem arises.

Hyro offers the following Managed SEO services to lawyers who want to gain an advantage over their competitors:

Technical Audit


Hyro’s Technical Audit services include everything your law firm wants from a time-efficient process while taking a deep dive into the backend of your website.

In today’s market, search engines evaluate more than what’s on your webpages, but it also ranks your site based on technical performance.

Your technical audit guarantees that your site runs fast and is targeting the right audience, including:

  • On-page SEO review
  • Keyword research
  • URL equity
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink gap analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Content audit
  • Page speed review
  • Schema audit
  • Key takeaways & recommendations
  • 10-day turnaround times

Market Analysis


SEO has rapidly changed with the ever-expanding competitive base.

These days, it’s critical to think about customers strategically to identify what utility they need from your firm. From there, Hyro’s Market Analysis will help you pinpoint what content should be created to meet the demands of the market

After our analysis, you will have clear direction regarding your SEO strategy that helps:

  • Improve your search rankings with effective content.
  • Determine who your competitors are by practice area.
  • Establish the exact needs of your target audience.
  • Learn about industry trends affecting your firm.
  • Uncover missed opportunities by your competitors.
  • Develop a brand strategy and voice that resonates with clients.

Content Audit


Content that does not align with the needs of your target audience will hamper the number of leads that come into your office.

Hyro’s Content Audit builds a blueprint that you need to ensure that your website is updated routinely, relevant to your audience, and meets your business objectives.

Your content audit will also include:

  • Identifying your firm’s current strengths.
  • Content planning for new websites.
  • Ideas for building brand awareness.
  • Optimization recommendations for your existing site.
  • Strategies for attracting new audiences.
  • Content planning for the future.

On-Page SEO


On-page SEO encompasses all elements that are found on your website’s front end and back end.

Optimized on-page features will enhance search visibility so that prospective clients can find your website and algorithms can update your pages. Effective management of on-page SEO will allow you to lock-step with the fast-paced changes of today’s search engines.

Hyro’s On-Page SEO for law firms includes:

  • Writing and optimizing keyword-rich blog posts.
  • Writing and optimizing high-converting landing pages.
  • Refreshing and re-optimizing existing content.
  • Technical error remediation and management.
  • Ongoing monitoring of site health and speed.
  • Metadata optimization services.
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Conversion rate optimization.

Silo Structure


The purpose of a search engine is to understand information, organize it, and serve it to inquiring minds.

However, if search engines like Google cannot understand how your website is structured, your firm will miss out on critical opportunities.

Hyro’s Silo Structure services will make sure that doesn’t happen by:

  • Developing and implementing an internal linking strategy.
  • Organizing and structuring your website’s content.
  • Balancing design and technical elements of your website.
  • Ensuring that your law firm’s website passes technical audits.
  • Implementing breadcrumb and search box elements.
  • Creating an XML sitemap.
  • Enhancing your ability to rank for long-tail keywords.
  • Creating a customer-centric experience that will delight audiences.

Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO is an oft-overlooked area of SEO, but it’s an incredibly important aspect to address.

Building an off-page link infrastructure that demonstrates to search engines your site’s reputability will help you win on the SEO battlefield. Our team uses objective data and subjective insight to determine exactly what your website needs to outrank competing firms.

Hyro’s Off-Page link building services for law firms include:

  • Increasing brand mentions
  • Comment management
  • Forum outreach
  • Guest blogging
  • Resource page linking
  • Social media networking
  • Niche edit links
  • And more

If you need an SEO expert to help your firm gain a competitive advantage, Hyro is ready to help. Our SEO team understands the complexities and ethical considerations surrounding legal marketing. Connect with us for an initial consultation to learn more about how we can help you grow.

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Why Choose Hyro to Manage Your Law Firm’s SEO

With more than 25 years of combined aggregate experience, Hyro’s founders, Adir Shiffman and Mark Segal, have demonstrated expertise across the professional services industries. Over time, we’ve maintained strong ties and dedication to our legal clients while helping them achieve their business objectives. Our legal SEO experts will deliver the best possible results by using collaboration and data-driven tactics.


Clients are the focus of our attention. Our SEO team will take the time to understand your goals and explore ideas. We will work with you to solve problems while making critical decisions. Your concerns will always be recognised and addressed promptly.


At Hyro, we won’t generate ambiguous reports that claim to hit unrealistic KPIs. You will stay well-informed of your SEO’s performance and have reassurance in knowing that your website will be improved throughout the process. We take accountability and responsibility to deliver impressive results backed by data.


Just like you, Hyro’s team only sticks to the facts when it comes to SEO management. When presenting reports or offering recommendations, you’re going to receive transparent and honest communications regarding the performance of your campaigns. Our SEO experts will actively work to earn your trust.

Data Wise

There isn’t a granular one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to the marketing realm. Our SEO for lawyers will engage in industry-specific research that enables them to make informed decisions every step of the way. With our experience, we know that research and data is a winning combination.

Time Matters

We understand how busy today’s law firms are. More importantly, we understand how lawyers work. Hyro commits to meeting client deadlines and following through on tasks that we say we are going to do. Our SEO experts will never leave your or your legal team hanging.

Learn More About Hyro’s Managed SEO Services for Law Firms

With a large segment of today’s consumers using search engines to find lawyers and legal research, you can’t afford to miss out on SEO services for law firms by Hyro. When you execute a comprehensive SEO strategy, your clients can find you when they need it.

Get started today over an initial consultation with an SEO expert. We are excited about learning more and how our SEO services for law firms can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a marketing acronym for “search engine optimization.” It is a widely-used but complex marketing channel that primarily focuses on your law firm’s website in search results. The ultimate goal is to rank for high volume keywords that signal prospective clients’ intent.

There are two types of SEO strategies that Hyro will incorporate into your personalized strategy:

  • On-page SEO: Elements on your website.
  • Off-page SEO: Elements not on your website.


In tandem, on-page and off-page SEO will help Google understand your website and drive your search results to the top of the page. Hyro ensures that your website is fast, optimized, and monitored every day of the week.

There are several marketing and revenue benefits of SEO for law firms and their websites. At first glance, the most significant benefit of SEO is to improve your visibility and searchability. However, other valuable benefits can be gleaned from this approach to marketing.

Here are five benefits of SEO for law firms:

  • Benefit #1: It can become your primary source of website traffic.
  • Benefit #2: SEO will help prospective clients “know, like, and trust” you.
  • Benefit #3: You are making a marketing investment in your website.
  • Benefit #4: SEO results are measurable and predictable.
  • Benefit #5: It will help you secure the coveted top 3 spots in search results.


SEO will also significantly lower your cost per client acquisition. Once Hyro creates your content, we will then monitor it so that you make the most out of your website and your content marketing program.

Not only does SEO attract prospective clients to your law firm’s website, but it also gives you an opportunity to capture new leads. However, most firms fall short of expectation in this capacity.

For example:

  • Visitor A searches Google for information about personal injury compensation
  • Google serves Visitor A your blog post on the topic
  • Visitor A visits your website and reads your posts, concluding that he may have to hire a personal injury lawyer at some point
  • Visitor A leaves your website and continues with their day


Let us ask you a question: when Visitor A decides to hire a lawyer, do you think they are going to recall your brand? They might, but it is highly unlikely. Instead, they will call upon their knowledge to search for a personal injury lawyer, which may or may not be you, depending upon where you land in search results.

When it comes to working with the best SEO companies for law firms, Hyro devises a plan that does not let your leads slip through the cracks. As part of your SEO strategy, we can generate leads through retargeting, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and more.

There is no definitive answer regarding how long SEO services for law firms take to produce results. Depending upon where you are beginning in your SEO journey, you could see improved results within two weeks. However, long-term strategies that produce impressive results can take up to 6 months or more.

Factors that influence your firm’s timeline includes:

  • Website speed
  • Readability
  • On-page content
  • Server speed
  • Number of backlinks
  • Domain authority (DA)
  • Revenue goals
  • And more


When you contact Hyro, we will perform an SEO audit on your law firm’s website. It is at this point that we will let you know how long it will take to manage your firm’s SEO at an ideal capacity. You will have the reassurance and confidence in knowing that a marketing team is on your side, getting it done the right way.

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