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Let's be honest...

There are some sketchy digital marketing agencies out there. They get senior people to sell the dream, then put lowly paid juniors on your account while the stars go and sell the next client. Once they’ve got you locked in with lengthy contracts, they use complex words to hide their lack of knowledge, and then keep your master accounts if you ever try to leave.

Naturally we also want to make money – it is capitalism after all – but we would do it by staying small and being VERY selective in choosing like-minded, smart, and nice clients. We will profit together with them.

In the end it was the craziness of 2020 that convinced us to hurry up and do it. So, this is Hyro

If this approach resonates with you, please get in touch. We would love to hear your story and maybe we can help achieve the bright future you’ve planned for your business.

Mark + Adir

Meet Our Leadership Team

Adir hyro

Adir Shiffman, Co-Founder

After qualifying in medicine and practising as an MD, Adir made the switch across to startup founder and over the last decade launched, built and sold more than a dozen high-growth tech companies.

Adir is currently Executive Chairman of Catapult Sports (ASX: CAT), and Chairman/Director/Founder of a number of other technology businesses including fast-growing direct to consumer (DTC) brand Sleeping Duck, and early-stage startup Qualie.com.

Mark hyro

Mark Segal, Co-Founder

After qualifying in Law and Banking & Finance, Mark lived in New York, working at a prominent Manhattan Attorney’s office, before moving back to Melbourne and entering the digital scene. He’s gone on to advise a number of household brands including Telstra, BMW, ING, Tourism Australia and the Queensland Premier’s Office. He has also been an active participant in the start-up scene having held senior positions at two companies during their 9-figure exits and launched and sold several of his own ventures. He is currently Director of eRefunds.com.au.

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